Custom Finger Buttons

Pimp My Brass


Have your own custom finger buttons.

Choose from our gallery or if you want to have a total unique which will be made for only you than send your idea/picture to us via e-mail.

If you choose the last solution than it will be the only one made just for you. Because of this, it will be unique and no one else will be able to buy it.

The unique pearls with special design cost €25. (the price is for a set of pearls, 3 pieces of pearls with finger buttons)

But you can choose 3 different kind of design for each pearl for the set.


When you have decided which design you want and you gave your order to us there is nothing left to do for you just sit back and wait until we send it to you.


What you need to know:

Can choose between matt/not lacquered or lacquered finish.

On the "not lacquered" pearl you can feel the graphics. The surface is more coarsed.

The lacquered pearl is smooth and shiny.

The price is for 1 set, namely 3 pearls and 3 buttons of your choice.

No graphical design is included into the price.

For the custom design you have to send us the picture what you want to have on the pearls.


You can choose from different shaped buttons




These you can ask in silver plated or lacquered.


We will have more and more finger buttons to choose from

If you want a design what has top and bottom in the graphic, you need to let us know which direction should it stand on your instrument.


You will receive the pearls with finger buttons. You need to screw down the olda ones and put the new to its place.


All sets consists from 3 pieces of pearls and finger buttons. If you have a 4 valve instrument you need to select it at the additional finger buttons option.
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